Virtual Field Trips - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more We went on a field trip to the Grand Canyon!!!! Well, sort of...and ELECTRONIC field trip! See where we went and what we learned :-)
Grand Canyon Field Trip

Our first trip was waaaaay back into the days of the dinosaurs! Before reading Dinosaurs Before Dark, we explored this virtual field trip to a fossil museum!
We don't know much about castles in Texas, but our friends from Wales sparked our interest via Edmodo, so we explored the Warwick Castle! What a beautiful place!
When we read the Civil War on Sunday and Revolutionary War on Wednesday books, we went to Washington D.C. to see the Lincoln Monument and Washington Monument!
We visited Mount Vernon, home of George Washington!
We even went to Monticello to visit Thomas Jefferson
We have been to see the Statue of Liberty!
We saw the torch, the crown, and a LIVE view of New York from Ellis Island!
We traveled back in time to Jamestown!
In our studies of authority and government, we visited our U.S. Capitol Buildings!
And more!
When we read Lions at Lunchtime, we went on an African Safari!
After reading Mummies in the Morning, visit Egypt for a tour of the Pyramids!
After reading Tonight on the Titanic, explore the wreckage up close and personal!
We traveled to California and stood on the Golden Gate Bridge!
Take a virtual walk across the bridge!
When we read Vacation Under the Volcano, We visited Pompeii, where some of our Edmodo friends are from!
When we read, Hour of the Olympics, we visited The Roman Colosseum! WE have friends in Greece too!
We are excited for even more trips this year!